19 February 2012

Guangzhou, Feb 2011 - Onelink Plaza

Manage to visit this mall, a 7 floor shopping mall and is popular among many foreigners for wholesale or retail buying. Product ranges from key chain to other small things. Item such as remote control helicopter is quite cheap here.

There are a few wholesale markets with similar products around here and therefore it attracts a lot of tourists and locals as well. You are guaranteed to find this to be a busy and energetic market. You can usually buy small quantities here, and don't forget to bargain.

to bargain here, means,,, buying 1 number cost you 10 yuan , but buying 10 numbers of it will coast you 50 yuan!,, thats just comparison. They do give good discount when bulk purchases.

The area around the onelink plaza does have small shops selling similar item. Price wise?. not so sure, but you may explore.

How to get there


Onelink Plaza,NO.39 Jie Fang South Road.

Take line 2 to Haizhu square. Exit B2, then walk straight ahaed for about 300 metres. You see One Link Plaza in front of you at the first big crossroads.

more info can be found here http://www.guangzhouinformation.com/19/Wholesale-Markets/OneLink_plaza


map from http://guangzhouwholesalemarket.com/image/yide.gif

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