16 February 2012

Ho Chi Minh City, Nov 2011 - chu chi tunnel 2

A visit to Chu Chi Tunnel will start after the entrance. With lecture hall where it can fit about 50 peoples a short briefing on the complex was developed during the war will be explained.

Here, in a hall or bunker, about 6 feet in the ground, the tour guide will explain briefly on how the under ground tunnel was created.

A total of 3 level of depth where each level of depth have its own reason and functions. How the smoke form the kitchen is dispersed, the bunker for sleeping, or for repair jobs or for meeting , etc ,,,was clearly explained.

Unless if you are the other parties during the war, you may not listened to this ! ,, hahahha! Some of them left, refused to hear! ,,

The area of Chu Chi tunnel was shown in the map, and surprisingly, this area was surrounded by Americans and South Vietnamese soldiers!.

The lecture hall @ bunker!

Here , the entrance to the underground tunnel is shown to the visitor, see how small the opening,,, well ..it suit the locals not the big size opposite army!

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