20 February 2012

Guangzhou, Feb 2011 - Glasses, Spectacles, ..

Here, again, the mall was full with shops selling only Glasses, Spectacles, frames, and related to spectacles!.

Known as GUANGZHOU GLASSES CITY, it consists more than 1,,, hehehe, I have lost count of the malls selling this spectacles.

Going from one mall to another is easy, since the area near by will also sells similar item.

Main attractions?.. If you want to buy frames for your self, yes this is the place, or if you want to buy reading glasses, yes this is the place. If you want to buy fake Rayban sunglasses, yes this is the place, but you have to inquire about this!.

buy in bulk, will ensure you of getting good discount. believe me!

The locations?

Adjacent to the Guangzhou Metro Line 1, the Guangzhou Railway Station, the Baiyun Airport in Guangzhou. Guangzhou Glasses City is the largest market of professional glasses in South China , and have influence on Southeast Asia, Europe and America all over the world.

image from http://guangzhouwholesalemarket.com/image/glasses1.gif

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