18 February 2012

Ho Chi Minh, Nov 2011 - Vietnam Handicraft, Inlay Lacquer - the factory

We manage to visit a center to produced this handicraft. Most of the workers here are handicapped people and operated by the government. It has been in operations since 1976. Off course, you can buy the handicraft here.

The production line is clear explain here.

the raw material. Yes it is egg shell, either chicken or duck.

The egg shell is carefully breakup into small pieces

figures to be inlay is traced onto the material.

Than, the eggshell is carefully inlay on to.

or, if need to be modified, they will cut it accordingly,

and the process is repeated , over and over again, until finish!.

Once, finished and the lacquer has been applied and dry, next is washing!

and the final product.

Its up to the designer to be creative.

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