05 February 2012

Trip to bandung indonesia, february 2012 - day 2

What else to do? Get a car and driver, up we go to Tangkuban Prahu, a dormant or semi dormant volcano. It takes about 30 minutes or more to reach the top. The highest peak register as 1830meters" yeah! As indicated on my GPS la..

Again, pack and full of peoples and vehicles on top of the mountain. Enjoying the scenaties, and smeling the sulpher from the crater, named as "Kawah Ratu" or Queen Crater. ( betul ker ni) .

Petty traders selling souvinours start to swarm you once you disembark form the vehilce, and they are very persistent to sell their prducts, ranges from tasbih, kelinci tissu holder, ball points pen made from bamboo, and al sort of things.

TIPS to shoo them away, just keep quite, and dont bother to say any thing, and they will go away eventualy. Once you said that it is expansive, they will start to throw down the price ,and will follow you wherever you go. Mana boleh tahan, asyik kena ikut jer... So ternaik adalah mendiam kan diri... Buat bodoh dan tak pandang.

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