12 February 2012

trip to Bandung, Feb 2012 - Bakso and Teh Botol

Bakso and Teh Botol,..

Mencuba bakso ketika berada di SariAter, air panas, setelah kepenatan berjalan kesana sini. Apa tu Bakso? la... macam mee soup jer,,, cuma meat ball nya besar! Cuba tengok ni.

Petikan dari wikipedia ,,

Bakso or baso is Indonesian meatball or meat paste made from beef surimi and is similar in texture to the Chinese beef ball, fish ball, or pork ball.[1] Bakso is commonly made from beef with a small quantity of tapioca flour, however bakso can also be made from other ingredients, such as chicken, fish, or shrimp. Bakso are usually served in a bowl of beef broth, with yellow noodles, bihun (rice vermicelli), salted vegetables, tofu, egg (wrapped within bakso), Chinese green cabbage, bean sprout, siomay or steamed meat dumpling, and crisp wonton, sprinkled with fried shallots and celery. Bakso can be found all across Indonesia; from the traveling cart street vendors to restaurants. Today various types of ready to cook bakso also available as frozen food commonly sold in supermarkets in Indonesia. Slices of bakso often used and mixed as compliments in mi goreng, nasi goreng, or cap cai recipes.

Unlike other meatball recipes, bakso has a consistent firm, dense, homogeneous texture due to the polymerization of myosin in the beef surimi.

Harganya? tak mahal.. untuk 6 mangkuk IDR 60000,

Dan minumnya? aahh teh botol la! ..
petikan dari http://www.sosro.com/profil-perusahaan.php
  • Teh botol Sosro menggunakan bahan baku : air, gula industri dan teh hijau yang dicampur dengan bunga melati dan bunga gambir (dikenal dengan teh wangi).

  • Fruit Tea menggunakan bahan baku yakni : air, gula industri, teh hitam dan konsentrat sari buah asli.

  • Joy Tea Green menggunakan bahan baku : air, gula industri dan teh hijau.

Rasanya? rasa air teh la,,,

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