07 February 2012

Trip to Bandung, Indonesia February 2012 - Factory Outlets

Factory Outlet -
Located at Jalan Dago, and offering wide range of fashion designs. Commonly found items are jeans, jeans, jeans and t-shirt. Branded item, such as Hugo, Versace, BMW, Burberry, CK, and many others established or not so established ( in my opinion la).

Is it original or fake or really factory rejects? I'm not sure about it. But you did find certain items being sold with the brand tag has been cut, which I presumed that the items is rejected from factory due to defect and being sold at this outlets. Watch for this, if you really want an original item but with some defects (unnoticeable).

Most of the factory outlets are located at this main areas:
1. dago
2. Jalan setiahbudi
3. jalan Riau
4. Chieamplas

What you want to buy? Set that first in your mind, than, during browsing through, search for the item that you want. It could be
1. selected brand trousers
2. certain type of materials
3. fashion? not me!.
4. up to you la!.

For me, what I want for example is HUGO brand jeans,from there on, I would search for it, or if i'm looking for DOCKERS slack, than I will search for it in all places.

Others than that, just compare certain material used for the shirt or trousers or jeans ,,,


Used credit card will give you better exchange rate.

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